Solutions – Ramps & Stairwells

Passive Flood Gates To Protect Ramps & Stairwells

The innovative FloodBreak design allows for flexibility in flood gate location.  FloodBreak passive barriers will operate on sloped surfaces so they can be installed on up or down sloped ramps whether that be for vehicular entrance into garages or pedestrian pathways. The flood gates can also be installed at the top of stairways or escalators to prevent water from flowing to lower levels.

FloodBreak’s passive automatic flood barriers provide permanent, 24/7 flood protection for these vulnerable ramps, stairwells, and pedestrian walkways. Our passive automatic technology allows these barriers to deploy without any human intervention or power. This means areas behind the flood gates will remain safe without the need for onsite personnel to deploy the barriers, something especially important in the event of unforeseen natural disasters such as flash floods.

Traditional flood protection measures for ramps and stairwells include inflatable water bags, sand bags, lids, and manually activated flexible gates. While these may seem like cost-effective alternatives, they require human intervention and the inherent risk that personnel cannot get deploy them in time.

FEMA recommends passive flood protection whenever possible because it eliminates human intervention. There are simply too many ways active measures can fail due to human intervention.     

FloodBreak’s flood barrier systems give customers peace of mind that their assets are always protected from flood damage. 

automatic floodgate on ramp
flood barrier on college campus

Flood Protection With No Slowdown In Activity

Active flood protection measures take time and people to deploy and can prevent access prematurely.. FloodBreak’s passive automatic solutions only deploy during an actual flood event or for emergency preparedness.      You don’t have to shut down your facility      prematurely in order to prepare for natural disasters.

With FloodBreak, you can rest assured knowing our flood gates will automatically deploy with the flood water, eventually returning to their hidden, underground position when the water recedes.Minimal disturbance, minimal cleanup, and maximum protection.   

See why Floodbreak are the Industry leader in flood control.