Expanding International Presence

FloodBreak's Expanding International Customers

The power of passive automatic flood protection technology is something that both domestic and international customers have come to recognize. Being able to floodproof a property 24/7 without the need for people or power reduces flood risk and has become the highest standard in the flood mitigation industry.

FloodBreak was invented in Houston TX after TS Allison devastated the city in 2001 and has since expanded to 38 states in the US & 18 countries. The proven design continues to be the solution for customers who understand the value of passive automatic technology that reduces flood risk to their assets regardless of when the flood comes..

With each year, our international presence continues to grow.  The following are a few of our most recent installations:

Floodgate in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon View

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Flood Barriers: 1

Ho Chi Minh City faces a unique problem in their fight against flooding. 45% of the city’s land is less than 3 ft above sea level, which leads to nearly half of the city’s neighborhoods are highly susceptible to flooding during Vietnam’s rainy season. To make matters worse, certain parts of Ho Chi Minh City are also sinking. 

In January, a 6m flood barrier was installed at Saigon View, a mixed-use property on the Eastside of the city. The building, like many in Ho Chi Minh City, has had it’s basement flooded several times. The contractors wanted a passive automatic solution in case electricity was lost during a flood event, a common occurrence.

FloodBreak’s also has another notable installation in Vietnam, a 21′ vehicle floodgate at a luxury apartment in Danang City. Installed in 2011, this large floodgate protects the 7-story building’s underground basement and garage.

To see more example of our flood barriers protecting vulnerable buildings and garages, click here.

Snap Gym

Location: London, United Kingdom

Flood Barriers: 2

Excessive rainfall is the United Kingdom’s biggest threat to flooding. In 2020, months of higher-than-average rainfall led to several small flood events in London and the surrounding area. 

Snap Fitness is a gym located on the Southside of Lancaster, United Kingdom. After the gym flooded for a second time, they decided to search for a solution.

That solution came in the form of two of our passive automatic floodgates. Both gates were installed directly outside the gym’s 2 pedestrian entrances.


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