FloodBreak® FreeView™ Levee Topper


The FloodBreak® FreeView™ Flood Barrier System is an innovative flood control product that provides permanent passive protection along rivers, levees, lakes and coastlines without blocking views or limiting community access to the water. Designed for long linear runs without stanchions or supports, it can serve as a bike or pedestrian pathway during dry times.
Versatile product suitable for multiple applications:
  • Levee Topper
  • Dam Topper
  • River Barrier
  • Boardwalk Barrier
  • Seawall Barrier
No human intervention or power
Like all FloodBreak passive automatic flood barrier systems, FreeView flood barriers provide permanent, 24/7 flood protection while remaining hidden below groun

The FloodBreak® FreeView Levee Topper (FVLT) is an innovative passive flood mitigation product that enables levees to be raised for recertification and FEMA accreditation without blocking views or increasing the levee footprint. Designed for long, continuous straight runs, there is no practical length limitation. Like all FloodBreak passive flood barriers, it is modular in nature with tension members rather than stanchions or vertical stops.

Passive Flood Protection for Levees  – the FloodBreak FreeView Levee Topper protects people and property 24/7 without human intervention or power.

FreeView Levee Topper_ hidden in rest position

Normal times – recessed in levee crown

Suitable for riverine or coastal applications.

During non-flood times, the barrier sits in the rest position, recessed in the levee crown, preserving existing views and allowing normal pedestrian or bicycle traffic. 

FloodBreak FreeView Levee Topper_ deployed copy

Flood event – deploys automatically

When the river level rises, water flows under the hinged buoyant barrier and floats it up to its design height while self-activating gaskets seal against the wiper walls.

FVLT product design summary:

  • Sits on a structural space frame within a formed in place concrete pan.
  • Mounts to a structural footing (i.e. piling or wall system) to support loads from hydrostatic pressure.
  • Structural support is provided by tension arms which allow practically unlimited deployment lengths without vertical stanchions.
  • Designed to withstand impact from floating debris with a safety factor built in.

FreeView Levee Topper Benefits

  • Meets elevation requirements for levee recertification and FEMA accreditation without increasing the existing levee height or extending the grading slope.
  • Provides protection for riverine and coastal situations.
  • Preserves existing views. Flood protection without blocking the view.
  • Eliminates the need to acquire land to extend  the levee footprint.
  • Designed for long continuous runs.
  • Deploys automatically, lifted by the rising floodwater during flood times.
  • Self-draining and self-retracting. Like all FloodBreak passive flood barriers, the lid will float back down as the water recedes.
  • Long service life with minimal maintenance.  A one or two man crew with simple hand tools and a pressure washer can accomplish this procedure. 

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