Vehicle Gate


Passive Vehicle Flood Gate

The FloodBreak® Vehicle Flood Gate is a passive automatic flood barrier that provides permanent flood protection, 24/7, without human intervention or power to protect vehicular openings.

Designed to support HS-25 vehicular loads, the FloodBreak Vehicle Gate is the ideal flood protection solution for garages, driveways, service entrances and other vehicular openings that require 24/7 flood protection but must allow full access.  There is no need to shut down your facility prematurely due to storm warnings. With FloodBreak you are always protected. The FloodBreak Vehicle gate remains hidden until an actual flood event (or manually raised as part of emergency preparedness). The bouyant barrier lid is deployed automatically, lifted by approaching floodwaters. No personnel are required to activate or deploy. And the barrier will return to the rest position when floodwaters recede allowing vehicular passage to resume quickly.


    flood barrier outside hospital

    Minimal Maintenance, Minimal Disruption

    Like all FloodBreak automatic gates, they are designed for long service life in harsh conditions and only require minimal maintenance.  Busy vehicle openings do not have to be shut down for extended periods of time for preventative maintenance or to conduct annual emergency preparedness training. A small crew can quickly lift the FloodBreak gate, perform the annual inspection and return the gate to service.  Learn more

    Protect Against Low-Level Street Flooding

    The FloodBreak® Slimline Vehicle Gate is a low profile passive automatic flood barrier designed for vehicular openings requiring limited height protection. Like all the standard Vehicle Gate, the Slimline model provides permanent flood protection, 24/7, without human intervention or power. Available in two heights, 25cm or 50cm,  this vehicular rated barrier has no length limitation and supports HS-25 loading.


    A Unique Way To Protect

    Field-tested in real-world conditions

    See why FloodBreak are the Industry leader in flood control.

    Protected under patent US 6,623,209